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Despite lead singer Carly Duhain's constant struggle with auto-immune disorders, she gives this musical project her all. Hailing from Sacramento, CA, Drop Dead Red is a force to be reckoned with. Whether playing to crowds of thousands or a few, their level of passion never wanes.
 Drop Dead Red is boisterous, soulful, and one of a kind. Carly DuHain's powerful and smoky vocals are hauntingly paired with her beautifully orchestrated band. They'll have your glasses raised and your senses tingling with a custom blend of alternative rock and soul-packed delivery.  
Currently signed with indie label Post & Beam Records.
Originally formed in 2011, Drop Dead Red has evolved spectacularly, winning the Sacramento News & Review Music Award for Best Live Performer in 2017 along with nominations for Best Rock and Best Pop. Carly DuHain, a Sacramento native who refuses to permanently stray any further than she has to from the Pacific Ocean, continues to lead her DDR collective, featuring Coday Anthony, Gabriel Aiello, Stephen Hendry, and Chad Benzel. 
Whether playing to crowds of thousands or hundreds, 
their level of passion never wanes.
They are Sacramento's Best Live Band.

ALBUMS: Rainstation (2009) / InsideFires (2015) / AirRaid (2018)




“She drinks the guys in her band under the table,” one reviewer says about Carly DuHain, the lead singer and guitar player of local band Drop Dead Red. This may or may not be true, but it doesn’t matter much after you take a listen to the kind of from-the-gut music she makes. DuHain is a strong singer with a voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin, belting out fragility and heart-wrenching pain in a way that says she’s owning it, and everything that goes with it, for better or worse. The band’s pop-tinged blues-rock riffs are dressing."
- Amy Bee, Sacramento News & Review

"She curses like a sailor, drinks the guys in her band under the table, and will make eyes go teary when she roars... the band combines its love of Muddy Waters, Janis Joplin and George Jones to craft its sound. Think seductive, soulful tunes with a flair sealed with enough bluesy bravado that it might even make the late Waters raise an eyebrow."
- Steph Rodriguez, Sacramento News & Review

"She’s a name you’ve likely heard, if not read about in alt papers like The Sacramento News & Review. If you’ve seen her in person, she is unmistakable. Imagine you walk into a show and see a tall, curvy woman with a guitar, belting out heartbreak and songs about rising from the ashes of the naive girl who got mixed up. One doesn’t forget this gal."
- Karl Smarkel,

"DuHain translates emotion through a knack for songwriting and a knockout voice that mixes whiskey, smoke and heartbreak while never letting go of the delicacy of love and desire."
- Deb Belt, Sacramento Press